Tanta Palestina al Sundance Film Festival 2012

Feb 1, 2012 | Notizie

C’è stata tanta Palestina al Sundance Film Festival 2012, tenutosi a Park city (Utah) dal 19 al 29 Gennaio 2012.

Tra gli “awards”:

– 5 Broken Cameras

Trailer “5 Broken Cameras” from Guy Davidi on Vimeo.

Five broken cameras—and each one has a powerful tale to tell. Embedded in the bullet-ridden remains of digital technology is the story of Emad Burnat, a farmer from the Palestinian village of Bil’in, which famously chose nonviolent resistance when the Israeli army encroached upon its land to make room for Jewish colonists. Emad buys his first camera in 2005 to document the birth of his fourth son, Gibreel. Over the course of the film, he becomes the peaceful archivist of an escalating struggle as olive trees are bulldozed, lives are lost, and a wall is built to segregate burgeoning Israeli settlements.

Gibreel’s loss of innocence and the destruction of each camera are potent metaphors in a deeply personal documentary that vividly portrays a conflict many of us think we know. Emad Burnat, a Palestinian, joins forces with Guy Davidi, an Israeli, and—from the wreckage of five broken cameras—two filmmakers create one extraordinary work of art.

Award Winner
World Cinema Documentary Directing Award – D.C.


– The Law in these parts

The Law in These Parts – English trailer from The Law in These Parts on Vimeo.

“This film is not about the people who broke the law, but about those entrusted with the law,” says director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz about his latest project. Ambitiously perceived, sparely designed, and meticulously executed, The Law in These Parts is commanding and compassionate as it goes to the heart of Israel’s moral quandary. In this country founded on democratic principles, Alexandrowicz asks—in both simple and profound terms—can justice truly be served in the occupied territories given the current system of law administered by Israel for Palestinians?

Divided into five chapters, the film is precisely argued, disciplined, and dramatic as it considers the repercussions of the complex and unusual legal framework created in the territories following the 1967 Six-Day War. The research took years, and the evidence is irrefutable, as those agreeing to be interviewed steadily reveal the contradictions being sustained by an entire nation, of which Alexandrowicz is painfully aware.

Award Winner
World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary

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